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When you spend as much time keeping tabs on the real estate industry and rental market as we do, you can’t help but notice some trends.  And one thing that seems to pop up each and every week is a story about a celebrity (or a former pairing of celebrities, in some instances) selling his or her home.  Not that it’s in this blogger’s budget, but it got us at Rocket Lease thinking: what would it be like to buy a house that used to have a high profile owner?  Would you do it?  Let’s take a second to think about the pros and cons of buying a celebrity home.


Readily Available Aerial Photos

Gene Hackman's (Former) Estate

If you’re lucky enough to buy a home that was featured in celebrity arrest, the likelihood of finding pictures of it online that were shot from a helicopter are extremely high.  These types of photos can come in handy when trying to arrange furniture or figure out the best escape routes should those cops ever come for you.


Mistakenly Receiving Their Mail & Unsolicited Scripts

It’s always annoying to get someone else’s mail after you move in to a new home, but it’s even more annoying when that mail consists of autograph requests and scripts for the next great indie comedy that you will definitely love if you just read it!  You could consider the endless supply of scrap paper to be a pro, but you probably don’t.

Toss Up

Celebrity Neighbors

Unless they’re the weird kind of celebrity that prefers to hole up in Wyoming when they’re not on set, most celebrities live in close proximity to their celebrity brethren.  This might be great if you like hobnobbing and namedropping, but it might be awful if you have to cope with TMZ photogs and Lindsey Lohan walks of shame.  Plus your neighborly disputes might end up somewhere a little more visible than the neighborhood ledger.

But What About the Money?

Most people do agree that the celebrity factor can help a house fetch a higher price.  While this isn’t necessarily a selling point when you’re looking to buy, it’s always something you could mention if you decide to rent the house out, like Meg Ryan did with her home, for something like $40,000 A MONTH.  We can only  imagine that those renters went through a credit check or two.

What do you think?  Would you buy or rent a house where a celebrity used to lay her head?

There are a lot of ways to avoid the worst kind of tenants (like those that don’t pay their rent on time or who have a history of being loud or otherwise problematic) but some human behavior is well beyond the realm of something that could be predicted by a credit check.  Take a gander at some of these weird houses and thank your lucky stars these aren’t your tenants.*

1. The Bunny Museum

Most homes become museums of sorts for those things that the occupant holds near and dear whether it’s a ticket stub from a Bon Jovi concert or a plasma screen tv that they saved up for.  But for Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski, their home has become a very literal museum for all of the bunny memorabilia they’ve collected over the years to create The Bunny Museum.  Out of the kindness of their hearts, they let the public traipse through their home regularly to look at all of their bunnies, including the real ones that live there.  I can only imagine the difficulty a landlord might have inspecting a house fully of rabbits!  Check out the video below for an informative explanation of what admission costs (it’s veggies for the bun buns):

2. The Hobbit House

In another case of extreme fandom, an English family built their house to look like it came right out of Middle Earth.  Check with a lawyer before you decide to put a “No Hobbits” clause in your lease agreement!

3. The Hello Kitty Obsessed

Pretty much everyone has got some secret affinity for something from their childhood whether it’s a Transformers collection under the bed or a ratty stuffed animal from the State Fair, but the owners of this house in Shanghai have taken that obsession in the very adult world of homeownership.  They completely renovated this home in a Hello Kitty theme from the inside out.  At least pastel pink is easy to paint over…

Hello Kitty House

4. Weird Steve

We’re not passing any judgments on Steve, he actually seems completely fine being referred to as weird and once you see what he keep in his Seattle home, you’ll be able to see why.  From hundreds of antique toasters to a chill-inducing collection of literally two-faced animals, some people have called his home a Real Life Addams Family house.  All we know is if you found out tenant had a 13’ high minotaur bust in the backyard, you might think twice about renewing their lease!


If you’re reading this blog, let us know if you’ve ever had any wacky tenants or weird neighbors with crazy collections and how you dealt with them in the comments!


*Most of these people probably own their own homes.  This is just for fun.